Sunrise Landscape Design

Design Options and Process

Sunrise Landscape Design utilizes the latest computerized technology to assist clients visualize the proposed landscape design. This includes an option for a digital representation as well as the 2D master design plan.

The process includes an initial consultation, a draft design phase, and a final design that you have approved. You will be involved throughout the design process. This communication and collaboration results in a final design that includes plant identification and the necessary documentation and specifications to implement the plan.

Digital Designs

A digitally created image which would incorporate a photograph of your home and shows proposed plants and hardscapes. You can then see what your new landscaping will look like.

CLICK HERE to see examples.

Architectural Landscape Design

You will receive a large size 2D (to scale) landscape plan showing all details in your design. Landscape contractors use this plan for the bid proposal process. You can also use this master plan to prioritize if the plan is to be implemented in phases or for your planning if you want to do some of the work yourself.

CLICK HERE to see an architectural design example.

Implementation Examples

CLICK HERE to see some before and after pictures of some of our projects.