Sunrise Landscape Design

Services & Fees

Initial visit and design consultation – brainstorming and problem-solving, approximately one hour.

Quick design sketch – for very small projects you will install yourself, an on-the-spot design and sketch is sometimes enough.

Full design includes :

Meetings – discussion of needs, possibilities, materials

Site study – analysis of site assets and liabilities, grade issues, soil, microclimate, exposure, house style, neighborhood ambiance, measurements.

Final landscape plan/design – plan to scale showing location of all important features to be installed, including arbors, water features, and other hardscapes.

Planting plan – location, quantity, size and name of plants.

Plan notes – so the project comes out the way you want.

Consultation during installation – visit job site, answer design-related questions, help client communication with contractor and achieve aesthetic goals for the project.

Horticultural advice – when and how to prune, improve soil, etc.

Design fee estimates are calculated on a project by project basis after an initial meeting at your site. Fees are dependent upon the size of the property, the scope and complexity of the project and range from $250 to $1,000.

To receive information contact us via e-mail or give us a call at 208-308-2425.